Folder Selection
The folder can only be selected in the Stop
• To select the Parent Folder
Press the RETURN button to go to parent folder,
or use the UP/DOWN buttons to select “..” and
press ENTER to go to the parent folder.
• To select the Peer Folder
Use the LEFT/RIGHT buttons to highlight left 
window. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to select the
desired folder, then press ENTER.
• To select the Sub-Folder
Use the LEFT/RIGHT buttons to highlight right 
window. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to select the
desired folder, then press ENTER.
R o o t
M P 3
S O N G   F I L E   3
S O N G   F I L E   1
S O N G   F I L E   2
1 s t
2 n d
P a r e n t   F o l d e r
C u r r e n t   F o l d e r
S u b - F o l d e r s
P e e r   F o l d e r s
Clips Menu for MP3/WMA/JPEG
When playing a CD-R
Discs with MP3/WMA/JPEG contain individual
songs or pictures that can be organized into folders
as shown below. They are similar to how you use
your computer to put files into different folders.
1. Open the disc tray.
2. Place the disc on the tray.
- Place the disc with the labeled side up.
3. Close the tray.
- The tray closes and you should get a screen
that looks like the one below.
When playing a Memory Card
1. Insert a Memory Card.
2. Press the DVD/M.CARD button on the remote.
: Name of currently playing file.
• : 
: Current Playback Mode : There are 4
modes, toggled by the REPEAT button.
- Off : Normal Playback
- Track : Repeats the current track.
- Folder : Repeats the current folder.
- Random : Files in the disc will be played
in random order.
: MP3 file icon.
: Folder icon.
• : 
WMA file 
• : 
Folder icon.
: JPEG file icon.
: Disc Mode (         : Memory Card Mode)
0 0 : 0 0 : 2 3
1 _ m p 3
O f f
B e c a u s e   Yo u
C a c t u s
S a d   D a y
Parent Folder, Current Folder
and Peer Folders
Folders and Files in
Current Folder
Using the Zoom Function
Using the Zoom Function (DVD/VCD)
1. During play or pause mode, press the MENU 
button on the remote.
2. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to highlight Function,
then press the RIGHT or ENTER button. 
3. Select Zoom using the UP/DOWN buttons, then
press the RIGHT or ENTER button.
4. Use the UP/DOWN or LEFT/RIGHT buttons to
select the part of the screen you want to zoom in
5. Press the ENTER button.
- During DVD play, press ENTER to zoom in
2X/4X/2X/Normal in order.
- During VCD play, press ENTER to zoom in 2X/Normal
in order.
How to insert a Memory Card
This unit accepts 7 different types of
Memory Cards
Insert the Memory Card correctly with the label
facing up, otherwise it may not work.
This device supports 7 types of memory cards :
Memory Stick, SD Card, MMC and Smart Media
Card through the upper slot and Compact Flash,
Micro Drive through the lower slot.
• Memory Cards over 2GB use FAT 32, which may
be not compatible with this unit.
• If it is not fully inserted, the “Memory Card” will not
• If you remove the “Memory Card” during Memory
Card operation, the recorded data may become
corrupted. It is better to remove it after pressing
DVD/M.CARD button to return to DVD/CD Mode.
• Don’t insert two or more cards at the same time.
If cards are inserted in two slots, these may not
Smart Media
Secure Digital
Multi Media
Compact Flash
Micro Drive
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