Safety Information
Disc Storage & Management
Disc Handling
Disc Shape
Use discs with regular 
shapes. If you use an irregular 
disc (a disc with a special 
shape), you can damage the player.
Holding discs
Avoid touching the surface of 
a disc where data has been 
Blu-ray Discs
Do not leave a Blu-ray Disc in the player for long 
periods of time. Remove the Blu-ray Disc from 
the player and store it in its case.
Be careful not to scratch or leave fingerprints on 
the surface of the Blu-ray Disc.
Wipe off dirt or contamination on the disc with a 
soft cloth.
Disc Storage
Be careful not to damage the disc because the 
data on these discs is highly vulnerable to the 
Do not keep under direct sunlight.
Keep in a cool ventilated area.
Store vertically.
Keep in a clean protection jacket.
If you move your player suddenly from a cold 
place to a warm place, condensation may occur 
on the operating parts and lens and cause 
abnormal disc playback. If this occurs, unplug 
the player, wait for two hours, and then connect 
the plug to the power outlet. Then, insert the 
disc, and try to play back again.
Handling Cautions
Do not write on the printed side with a ball-point 
pen or pencil.
Do not use record cleaning sprays or antistatic 
sprays to clean discs. Also, do not use volatile 
chemicals, such as benzene or thinner.
Do not apply labels or stickers to discs. (Do not 
use discs fixed with exposed tape adhesive or 
leftover peeled-off stickers.)
Do not use scratch-proof protectors or covers.
Do not use discs printed with label printers 
available on the market.
Do not load warped or cracked discs.
Before connecting other components to this 
player, be sure to turn them off.
Do not move the player while it is playing a disc. 
The disc can be scratched or damaged and the 
player’s internal parts can be damaged.
Do not put a flower vase filled with water or any 
small metal objects on the player.
Be careful not to put your hand into the disc 
Do not place anything other than the disc in the 
disc slot.
Interference from exterior sources such as 
lightening and static electricity can affect 
the normal operation of this player. If this 
occurs, turn the player off and on again with 
the POWER button, or disconnect and then 
reconnect the AC power cord to the AC power 
outlet. The player will operate normally.
Be sure to remove the disc and turn off the 
player after use.
Disconnect the AC power cord from the AC 
outlet when you don’t intend to use the player 
for long periods of time.
To clean a disc, wipe it in a straight 
line from the inside to the outside of 
the disc.
Do not expose the player to any 
When the AC plug is connected to a wall outlet, 
the player will still draw power (standby mode) 
when it is turned off.