Blu-ray Disc Features
Blu-ray Discs support the highest quality HD video 
available in the industry - Large capacity means 
no compromise on video quality. 
The following Blu-ray Disc features are disc 
dependant and will vary. 
Appearance and navigation of features will also 
vary from disc to disc. 
Not all discs will have the features described 
Video highlights
The BD-ROM format supports three highly advanced 
video codecs, including AVC, VC-1 and MPEG-2.
HD video resolutions are also supported:
1920 x 1080 High Definition
1280 x 720 High Definition
For High-Definition Playback
To view high-definition contents on a Blu-ray Disc, 
you need an HDTV (High Definition Television). 
Some Blu-ray Discs may require you to use the 
player’s HDMI OUT to view high-definition content.  
The ability to view high-definition content on 
Blu-ray Discs may be limited depending on the 
resolution of your TV.
You can use a Blu-ray Disc that supports BD-
LIVE to download content provided by the disc 
manufacturer through a network connection. 
Blu-ray Disc Player Features
This player can play 3D contents through an HDMI 
To implement the 3D effect, connect a 3D device 
(3D-compliant AV receiver, 3D-compliant TV) to 
the player using an HDMI cable, and play the 3D 
content while wearing 3D vision glasses.
3D Conversion
When you play 2D contents, you can convert 2D 
into 3D contents by pressing the 2D3D button 
on the remote control.
Smart Hub
You can download various for pay or free-
of-charge applications through a network 
connection. These applications provide a range 
of Internet services and content including news, 
weather forecasts, stock market quotes, games, 
movies, and music.
You can play videos, music, and photos saved on 
your devices (such as your PC, mobile phones, or 
NAS) through a network connection.
Playing multimedia files 
You can use the USB connection to play various 
kinds of multimedia files (MP3, JPEG, DivX, etc.) 
located from a USB storage device.
Key features