MPEG4 Playback (DVD-C550 Only)
MPEG4 Play Function
MPEG4 is a compressed video format designed to deliver DVD quality video at  lower data rates and 
smaller file sizes. Types of MPEG4 files are DivX or Xvid. These files have an .avi extension.AVI files are 
used to contain the audio and video data. This unit can only play AVI format files with the “.avi” extension.
  Open the disc tray. Place the disc on the tray. Close the tray.
  Press the √/® buttons to select a Videos Menu, and then press the ENTER button. Press the π/† to select 
an avi file (DivX/XviD), and then press the ENTER. Press the π/†, and then press the ENTER button.
Repeat and Repeat A-B Playback
  Press the REPEAT button, and then press the REPEAT or π/† buttons to change playback mode. There 
are 3 modes Off, Title, Folder,
- Folder :  repeats the AVI files which have the same extension in the current folder.
- Title : repeats the title that is playing.
- Off : No Repeat mode.
  Press the REPEAT A-B button on the remote control. 
  Press the REPEAT A-B button to set the point where you want repeat play to start (A). 
  Press the REPEAT A-B button button again at the point where you want the repeat play to stop (B).
   -  To return to normal play, press the REPEAT A-B button until the display shows Repeat:Off.
A-B REPEAT allows you to set point (B) directly after you have set point (A).
-  Important: 
  The recommendations on the previous page cannot be taken as a guarantee that the DVD player will play 
MP3 recordings, or as an assurance of sound quality. You should note that certain technologies and methods 
for MP3 file recording on CD-Rs prevent optimal playback of these files on your DVD player (degraded sound 
quality and in some cases, inability of the player to read the files).
-  This unit can play a maximum of 500 files and 500 folders per disc.
MPEG4 Function Description
(|k or K|)
During play, press the |k or K| button, it moves to next or previous track.
(k or K)
During play, press the SEARCH (k or K) button and press again to search at 
a faster speed. Allows you to search at a faster speed in an AVI fi le. (2X, 4X, 8X, 
16X, 32X)
Slow Motion
Allows you to search at a slower speed in an AVI fi le. (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16)
Will zoom in X1/X2/X3/X4/Normal
Possible warning messages that may appear when 
trying to play DivX/AVI files are :
  No Authorization
-  File with bad registration code.
  Unsupported Codec
certain Codec Types, Versions  
  (ex. MP4, AFS and other proprietary    
  codecs) are not  supported by this player.
  Unsupported Resolution
Files containing resolutions higher than the  
  player’s specification are not supported.
CD-R AVI file
This unit can play the following video compression 
formats within the AVI file format:
-  DivX 3.11 contents
-   DivX 4 contents (Based on MPEG-4 Simple Profile)
-   DivX 5 contents (MPEG-4 simple profile plus addi-
tional features such as bi-directional frames. Qpel 
and GMC are also supported.)
-   XviD MPEG-4 compliant contents.
Supported DivX file formats :
-  Basic DivX format DivX3.11 / 4.12/ 5.x
- Xvid (MPEG-4 compliant video codec) and DivX Pro
- File format : *.avi, *.div, *.divx.
This unit supports all resolutions for AVI up to maximum 
shown below.
720 x 480 @30fps
720 x 576 @25fps
: Maximum bit rate : 4Mbps
-  The DVD-C550 can support resolutions up to 
720 x 480 @30 frames and 720 x 576 @25 
frames for DivX discs.
-  This unit supports CD-R/RWs written in MPEG4 
in accordance with the “ISO9660 format”.
Playing Media Files Using the USB Host feature  
(DVD-C550 Only)
You can enjoy media files such as pictures, movies, and tunes saved in an 
MP3 player, USB memory stick or digital camera by connecting them to the 
USB port of the DVD Player.
Using the USB HOST Feature
  Connect the USB device to the USB port on the front of the unit.
 The USB Menu screen appears. Press the √/® button to select Menu, 
      and then press ENTER.
  Press the π/† buttons to select a file in the USB device. 
ENTER to open the file.
-   Depending on the MPEG4 file, these functions may not work.
-  When you press the USB button on the remote control, a screen displaying the USB device selection appears.
-  “USB loading” appears on the display screen.
- Depends on the file size and clip duration, loading time on USB may take longer than using CD or DVD media.
-  The USB MENU screen appears on the TV screen and the saved file is played.
-  If there is a Disc in the unit, pressing the DVD button will make the player exit the USB menu and load the disc.