Jump Starting, CAUTION, NOTICE

Jump Starting
If your battery has run down, you may want to use
another vehicle and some jumper cables to start your
vehicle. But please follow the steps in this part to do 
it safely.
Batteries can hurt you. They can be 
dangerous because:
D They contain acid that can burn you.
D They contain gas that can explode or ignite.
D They contain enough electricity to 
burn you.
If you don’t follow these steps exactly, some or all
of these things can hurt you.
Ignoring these steps could result in costly damage
to your vehicle that wouldn’t be covered by 
your warranty.
The ACDelco
 battery in your vehicle has a
in hydrometer. Do not charge, test or jump
start the battery if the hydrometer looks clear or
light yellow. Replace the battery when there 
is a clear or light yellow hydrometer and a
cranking complaint.
Trying to start your vehicle by pushing or pulling
it won’t work, and it could damage your vehicle.