Things you put inside your vehicle can strike 
and injure people in a sudden stop or turn, 
or in a crash.
D Put things in the cargo area of your vehicle.
Try to spread the weight evenly.
D Never stack heavier things, like suitcases,
inside the vehicle so that some of them are
above the tops of the seats.
D Don’t leave an unsecured child restraint in
your vehicle.
D When you carry something inside the
vehicle, secure it whenever you can.
D Don’t leave a seat folded down unless you
need to.
Electronic Level Control (Option)
On vehicles equipped with the optional electronic level
control, the rear of the vehicle is automatically kept
level as you load or unload your vehicle. However, you
should still not exceed the GVWR or the GAWR. 
See “Loading Your Vehicle” in the Index.
If the ignition key is in ACC, ON or when retained
accessory power (RAP) is active, you may hear the
compressor operating when you load your vehicle or
shortly after you start your vehicle, and periodically 
as the system self
adjusts. This is normal. 
See “Retained Accessory Power” in the Index.
The compressor should operate for brief periods of time.
If the sound continues for an extended period of time
(longer than one minute) or occurs many times within
one trip, your vehicle needs service.
Using heavier suspension components to get added
durability might not change your weight ratings. 
Ask your dealer to help you load your vehicle the 
right way.