A safety belt that is improperly routed, not
properly attached, or twisted won’t provide the
protection needed in a crash. The person wearing
the belt could be seriously injured. After
installing the seat, always check to be sure that
the safety belts are properly routed and attached,
and are not twisted.
Captain’s Chairs (If Equipped)
If your vehicle has the captain’s chairs, the seatbacks
can be reclined or folded forward.
To recline the seatback, 
lift up on the recliner lever
located on the outboard 
side of the seatback. 
Use the recliner lever to
move the seatback to the 
desired position.
It is easier to raise or lower the seatback if you lean
forward and take the weight off the seatback.
The seatbacks on the second row captain’s chairs also
fold forward to put items behind the seats.
Lift up on the recliner lever and fold the seatback
forward. The seatback will lock into place when you
push it back to the upright position.
After raising a seatback to an upright position, push and
pull on the seatback to check that it is locked upright.
If the seatback isn’t locked, it could move
forward in a sudden stop or crash. That could
cause injury to the person sitting there. Always
press rearward on the seatback to be sure it 
is locked.