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Interior Lighting Delay
With the interior lighting delay feature you can program
your vehicle to ON or OFF.
If programmed to ON, this feature will continue to
illuminate the interior lamps for 25 seconds after all
doors have been closed so that you can find your
ignition and buckle your safety belt at night.
Delayed lighting will not occur while the ignition is in
ON. After 25 seconds have passed, the interior lamps
will slowly fade out. The lamps will fade out before 
the 25 seconds have passed if the following conditions
are met:
D The ignition is turned to ON,
D all doors are locked using the optional remote
keyless entry transmitter,
D the interior lamp override is turned on, or
D there is no occupant activity detected for an
illumination period of 25 seconds.
If programmed to OFF, this feature will not illuminate
the interior of your vehicle when all of the doors 
are closed.
When your vehicle was shipped from the factory, it was
programmed in ON. The mode to which the vehicle 
has been programmed may have been changed since it
left the factory. To determine the mode to which your
vehicle is programmed to or to program your vehicle 
to a different mode, do the following:
1. Follow the instructions for “Entering Programming
Mode” listed previously.
2. Press the MODE button until INTERIOR
LIGHTING DELAY appears on the DIC.
3. Press the SET button until the arrow is before 
ON or OFF.
The mode you selected is now set. You can either exit
programming mode by following the instructions later 
in this section or program the next feature available on
your vehicle.