2 102, Driver Information Center DIC Messages

Driver Information Center (DIC) Messages
The DIC will always display the compass reading and
the outside temperature. If the temperature is below
_F (3_C), the temperature reading will toggle
between displaying the temperature and the word “ICE”
for two minutes.
AVG ECONOMY: Average fuel economy is viewed 
as a long term approximation of your overall driving
conditions. To learn the average fuel economy from a
new starting point, press and hold the SET button 
while the average fuel economy is displayed on the DIC.
The average fuel economy will set to zero.
INST ECONOMY: Instantaneous fuel economy 
varies with your driving conditions, such as
acceleration, braking and the grade of the road 
being traveled.
FUEL RANGE: The fuel range is an estimated 
distance that your vehicle can travel on the remaining
fuel. The fuel economy used to calculate the range is
based on your driving history since the last reset of the
average speed.
FUEL USED: The fuel used display will show you how
much fuel has been used since the last time it was reset.
To reset the fuel used to zero, press and hold the SET
button while the fuel used is displayed on the DIC and
until the display goes to zero.
AVG SPEED: The average speed display will show you
your average speed from when you first started your
vehicle. To reset the average speed, press and hold the
SET button while the average speed is displayed on the
DIC and until the speed resets to your current speed.
message displays the current percentage of the GM Oil
Life System
t. Be careful not to reset this display other
than when the oil has been changed. See “How to Reset
the Change Engine Oil Message” in the Index.
can use this display to select English or metric. Press 
the SET button to toggle between English or metric. 
The odometer, the trip odometer and if your vehicle is
equipped the head
up display will also change.
OFF: No driver information will be displayed in this
mode. If the DIC is left in this mode for more than 
three seconds, the display will turn off. Press the MODE
button to start the DIC.