2 99, AWD Disable Warning Message, Program Mode Message

AWD Disable Warning Message
United States
You will receive this message when there is a spare tire
on the vehicle or when the anti
lock brake system
warning light comes on.
The all
drive system will be disabled until the
compact spare tire is replaced by a full
size tire. If the
warning message is still on after putting on the full
tire, you need to reset the warning message. To reset the
warning message, turn the ignition to OFF then to ON.
If the message stays on, see your dealer right away. See
Wheel Drive” in the Index for more information.
Program Mode Message
United States
If you receive this message, your vehicle is in program
mode. You are ready to begin programming your
vehicle’s customization features.
If your vehicle does not have the Driver Information
Center (DIC), see “Vehicle Customization” in the Index.
If your vehicle is equipped with the Driver Information
Center (DIC), see “Driver Information Center” in 
the Index.