2 98, Low Washer Fluid Warning Message, Service Vehicle Soon Message

Low Washer Fluid Warning Message
United States
If your washer fluid is low, the warning message will
come on and stay on until you add washer fluid. 
See “Windshield Washer Fluid” in the Index for 
adding washer fluid instructions.
If the warning message is still on after adding fluid, 
you need to reset the warning message. To reset the
warning message, turn the ignition to OFF then to ON.
If the message stays on, see your dealer right away.
Service Vehicle Soon Message
United States
This light will come on if your vehicle has certain
emission related problems.
For example, if the entire electrical system fails to send
and receive messages from the vehicle’s components,
this message will come on.
These problems may not be obvious and may affect
vehicle performance or durability. Consult a qualified
dealership for necessary repairs to maintain top 
vehicle performance.