2 76, Premium Services Includes Safety and Security Services, OnStar System Limitations

Premium Services (Includes Safety and
Security Services)
D Route Support 
 An advisor can provide directions
or guidance to anywhere you want to go. In addition,
they can help you locate gas stations, rest areas,
ATMs, hospitals, hotels, stores, eateries and more.
D Concierge Services 
 The concierge advisor can
obtain tickets, reservations, or help with vacation/trip
planning and other unique items and services.
D Ride Assist 
 An advisor can locate transportation
in the event that you are unable to drive.
OnStar System Limitations
Complete limitations can be found on the Subscriber
Services Agreement.
OnStar Service is:
D available in the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska,
Hawaii and Canada;
D available when the vehicle is within the operating
range of a cellular provider;
D subject to limitations caused by atmospheric
conditions, such as severe weather or topographical
conditions, such as mountainous terrain;
D subject to cellular carrier equipment limitations.
Global positioning capabilities used to deliver service
will not be available if satellite signals are obstructed.
OnStar will not function if the vehicle’s battery is
discharged or disconnected. It may also be inoperative 
if the vehicle is in an accident and the OnStar or vehicle
electrical system components are damaged.
Safety and security services are provided by existing
governmental emergency service providers. OnStar 
will use reasonable efforts to contact the appropriate
emergency service provider and request assistance but
cannot promise that they will respond to the call in a
timely manner or at all.