Philips HTS3541X/78 User Manual

3 Connect and set

3  Connect and set 
This section helps you connect your home 
theater to a TV and other devices, and then set 
it up. 
For information about the basic connections 
of your home theater and accessories, see 
the quick start guide. For a comprehensive 
interactive guide, visit www.connectivityguide. 
For identification and supply ratings, see the type plate 
at the back or bottom of the product.
Before you make or change any connections, make sure 
that all devices are disconnected from the power outlet.
Connect speakers
The speaker cables are color-coded for easy 
connection. To connect a speaker to your home 
theater, match the color on the speaker cable to 
the color on the connector.
Speaker position plays a critical role in setting 
up a surround sound effect. For best effect, 
position all the speakers towards the seating 
position and place them close to your ear level 
Surround sound depends on factors such as room 
shape and size, type of wall and ceiling, windows and 
reflective surfaces, and speaker acoustics. Experiment 
with the speaker positions to find the optimum setting 
for you.
Follow these general guidelines for speakers 
Seating position:
This is the center of your listening area.
FRONT CENTER (front center) speaker:
Place the center speaker directly in front of 
the seating position, either above or below 
your TV.
FRONT LEFT (front left) and FRONT 
RIGHT (front right) speakers:
Place the left and right speakers in the 
front, and at equal distance from the center 
speaker. Make sure that the left, right, and 
the center speakers are at equal distance 
from your seating position. 
REAR LEFT (rear left) and REAR RIGHT 
(rear right) speakers: 
Place the rear surround speakers to the 
left and right side of your seating position, 
either in line with it or slightly behind it. 
SUBWOOFER (subwoofer):