Philips HTS3541X/78 User Manual

8 Troubleshooting

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8 Troubleshooting
Risk of electric shock. Never remove the casing of the 
To keep the warranty valid, never try to repair 
the product yourself. 
If you have problems using this product, check 
the following points before you request service. 
If you still have a problem, get support at www. 
Main unit
The buttons on the home theater do not 
•  Disconnect the home theater from the 
power supply for a few minutes, then 
No picture.
•  Make sure that the TV is switched to the 
correct source for the home theater.
No picture on a TV connected through HDMI.
•  Make sure that the HDMI cable is not 
faulty. If it is faulty, replace it with a new 
•  Press   (Home) and then 731 on the 
remote control to restore the default 
picture resolution.
•  Change the HDMI video setting, or wait 
for 10 seconds for auto recovery (see 
'Picture and video settings' on page 20).
Disc does not play high-definition video.
•  Make sure that the disc contains high-
definition video.
•  Make sure that the TV supports high-
definition video. 
•  Use an HDMI cable to connect to the TV.
No sound from home theater speakers.
•  Connect the audio cable from your home 
theater to your TV or other devices. 
You do not need a separate audio 
connection when the home theater and 
TV are connected through an HDMI ARC 
•  Set up the audio for the connected device 
(see 'Set up the audio' on page 11).
•  Reset your home theater to its factory 
settings (see 'Restore default settings' on 
page 21), then switch it off and switch on 
•  On your home theater, press SOURCE 
repeatedly to select the correct audio 
Distorted sound or echo.
•  If you play audio from the TV through the 
home theater, make sure that the TV is 
Audio and video are not synchronized.
•  1) Press 
the Navigation buttons (left/right) to 
select AUD SYNC, and then press OK. 3) 
Press the Navigation buttons (up/down) 
to synchronize the audio with the video.
Cannot play a disc.
•  Clean the disc.
•  Make sure that the home theater supports 
the type of disc (see 'Media formats' on 
page 25).
•  Make sure that the home theater supports 
the region code of the disc (see 'Region 
codes' on page 25).
•  If the disc is a DVD±RW or DVD±R disc, 
make sure that it is finalized.