Philips HTS3541X/78 User Manual

YouTube videos, Picasa web albums, Choose sound

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Press the buttons on the MP3 player to 
select and play audio files.
YouTube videos
Enjoy YouTube videos through your home 
Connect your home theater to a home 
network with a high-speed Internet access 
(see 'Connect and set up a home network' 
on page 11).
Press   (Home).
Select [YouTube], and then press OK.
The YouTube Leanback page is 
Follow the onscreen instructions to 
browse the YouTube page. 
Use the remote control to select and 
navigate the application.
Up: Access the onscreen 
Down: Access the onscreen 
playback buttons.
Left/Right: Select a video from the 
•  If you do not press a button within 
few seconds, the onscreen buttons and 
menu exit automatically.
Press   (Home) to exit YouTube page.
Picasa web albums
Access Picasa Web Albums through your home 
What you need
•  An account with Picasa Web Albums.
Connect your home theater to a home 
network with Internet access (see 
'Connect and set up a home network' on 
page 11).
Press   (Home).
Select [Picasa], and then press OK.
Log in to your Picasa web account.
•  The first time you log in, select [New 
user], and then enter your user 
name and password. Save your login 
information for subsequent use.
•  If you have logged in before, select 
a stored user name and enter the 
Select the onscreen options to view the 
albums or photos.
Press   (Home) to exit Picasa menu.
View slideshow
Select [My photos] from the Picasa menu, 
and then press OK.
The photo albums in your Picasa Web 
Albums are displayed.
Select a photo, and then press OK to view 
the photo in full screen. 
Press OK again to view the photos in a 
While viewing a slideshow, press 
OPTIONS to access more play options.
Press   BACK to return to the previous 
Choose sound
This section helps you choose the ideal sound 
for your video or music.
Press the Navigation buttons (left/ right) 
to access the sound options on the display.