4 Use Bluetooth devices

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4  Use Bluetooth devices
With this speaker, you can listen to audio from a player and make a call through 
Make sure that no audio input cable is connected to the AUX socket.
Philips does not guarantee the compatibility with all Bluetooth devices.
Before pairing a device with this system, read its user manual for Bluetooth compatibility.
The product can memorize a maximum of 8 paired devices.
Make sure that Bluetooth function is enabled on your device, and your device is set as visible to all 
other Bluetooth devices.
Any obstacle between this system and a Bluetooth device can reduce the operational range.
Keep away from any other electronic device that may cause interference.
Connect a device
Switch the slider to  .
On your Bluetooth device, search for BT100.
In the device list, select PHILIPS BT100.
•  If a message prompts for the permission for Bluetooth connection with 
PHILIPS BT100, confirm it.
•  If a password is required, enter 0000 and then confirm.
BT100 beeps twice when the Bluetooth connection is established.
Bluetooth indicator
The LED indicator on the top indicates the status of Bluetooth connection.
Bluetooth connection
Flashing blue
Connecting or waiting for connection
Solid blue