• If lightning should be present during using, unplug the power cord and 

discontinue using. Continuing to use the product can cause damage to the 
equipment, fire or electrical shock.

• Wipe off the plug of the power cord if it should become covered with dust. 

This can cause a fire.


• Do not place heavy objects on the AC plug cord, allow heavy objects to 

drop onto it or allow the AC plug cord to become damaged due to 
excessive bending. If the AC plug cord becomes damaged, consult a 
PENTAX Service Center.

• Do not short or touch the output terminals of the product while it is still 

plugged in.

• Remove the battery and unplug the AC plug cord when not using the 

battery charging stand.

• Do not plug in the AC plug cord with wet hands. This can cause an 

electrical shock.

• Do not subject the product to strong impacts or allow it to drop onto a hard 

surface. This can cause a malfunction.

• To reduce the risk of hazards, use only CSA/UL Certified power supply 

cord set, cord is Type SPT-2 or heavier, minimum NO.18 AWG copper, 
one end with a molded-on male attachment plug cap (with a specified 
NEMA configuration), and the other is provided with a molded-on female 
connector body (with a specified IEC nonindustrial type configuration) or 
the equivalent.

• Do not use the battery charging stand to charge batteries other than the 

ones specified. This can cause overheating or malfunctions.