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Document Outline FOR SAFE USE OF YOUR CAMERA Care to be Taken During Handling Contents of the Operating Manual Checking the Contents of the Package Names of Parts Names of Operating Parts Getting Started Attaching the Strap Powering the Camera Installing the Battery Removing the Battery Charging the Battery Using the AC Adapter (optional) Installing the SD Memory Card Image Size and Quality Initial Settings Setting the Display Language Setting the Date and Time Quick Start Taking Still Pictures Playing Back Still Pictures Playing Back an Image Playing Back the Previous or Next Image Rotating the Displayed Image Common Operations Turning the Camera On and Off Playback Mode Voice Recording Mode Using the Button Functions Capture Mode Playback Mode Voice Recording Mode Setting the Menus How to Set the Menus Menu List Taking Pictures Taking Pictures Taking Pictures by the Simplest Procedure (Green Mode) Setting the Functions (Program Mode) Selecting the Picture Mode According to the Shooting Scene (Picture Mode) Taking Pictures of Dark Scenes (Night Scene Mode) Taking Movies (Movie Mode) Taking Panorama Pictures (Panorama Assist Mode) Taking Soft-Contoured Pictures (Soft Focus Mode) Taking Pictures with Digital Filters (Digital Filter Mode) Using Preset Function Settings (User Mode) Taking Underwater Pictures (Marine Mode) Taking 3D Pictures (3D Image Mode) Using the Self-Timer Using the Remote Control Unit (optional) Continuous Shooting (Continuous Shooting Mode) Using the Zoom to Change the Subject Size Taking Time-lapse Movies Setting the Shooting Functions Changing the Mode Selecting the Capture Mode Displaying Shooting Information in Capture Mode Selecting the Focus Mode Selecting the Flash Mode Selecting the Recorded Pixels Selecting the Quality Level Adjusting the White Balance Changing the Focusing Area Setting the Light Metering Range to Determine the Exposure Setting the Sensitivity Setting the Instant Review Time Setting the Image Sharpness Setting the Color Saturation Setting the Image Contrast Setting the Exposure (EV Compensation) Saving the Settings Saving the Menu Items (Memory) Registering Functions in User Mode Recording and Playback Recording Sound (Voice Recording Mode) Playing Back Sound Adding a Voice Memo Setting the Record Voice Memo to [Off] Playback/Deleting/Editing Playing Back Images Playing Back Still Pictures Zoom Display Playing Back Movies Displaying Shooting Information in Playback Mode Nine Image Display Slideshow Deleting Images, Movies and Sound Deleting a Single Image or Sound Deleting All Images Protecting Images and Sounds from Deletion (Protect) Viewing Images on a TV Playing Back an Image Using the Remote Control Unit (optional) Setting the Printing Service (DPOF) Printing Single Images Printing All Images Direct Printing Using PictBridge Connecting the Camera to the Printer Printing Single Images Printing All Images Printing Using the DPOF Settings Disconnecting the Camera from the Printer Editing Images Changing the Image Size and Quality Trimming Images Copying Files Settings Camera Settings Setting Up the Screen Formatting an SD Memory Card or the Built-in Memory Changing the Sound Settings Changing the Date and Time Setting the World Time Changing the Display Language Changing the Video Output Format Changing the USB Connection Mode Sleep Timeout Setting Auto Power Off Registering a Function (Custom Function) Setting the QUICK Button Resetting to Default Settings Setting the Alarm Checking the Alarm Setting the Alarm Turning the Alarm Off Appendix List of City Codes Optional Accessories Messages Troubleshooting Main Specifications WARRANTY POLICY Index