Cautions When Using


Cautions When Using

Handle the liquid crystal display (LCD) with care:

• The LCD is a very delicate display device: Do not press its surface with force, hit it or prick it with a sharp object.
• If you push the LCD surface, unevenness in display may occur. If unevenness does not disappear, turn the DVD

Video Camera off, wait for a few moments, and then turn it on again.

• Do not place the DVD Video Camera with the open LCD screen down.
• Close the LCD monitor when not using the DVD Video Camera.

Liquid crystal display and viewfinder:

• The LCD screen and viewfinder are the products of highly precise technology. Among the total number of pixels

(approx. 120,000 pixels for LCD monitor and approx. 110,000 pixels for viewfinder), 0.01% or less pixels may
be missing (black dots) or may remain lit as colored dots (red, blue, green). This shows the limitations of the current
technology, and does not indicate a fault that will interfere with recording.

• The LCD screen and viewfinder will be slightly dimmer than usual when the DVD Video Camera is at low

temperature, as in cold areas, or immediately after power is turned on. Normal brightness will be restored when
the temperature inside the DVD Video Camera rises.

Hold the DVD Video Camera correctly:

• Do not hold the DVD Video Camera by the viewfinder or LCD monitor when lifting it: the viewfinder or LCD

monitor could detach and the DVD Video Camera may fall.

Do not subject the DVD Video Camera to impact:

• This DVD Video Camera is a precision machine. Take great care that you do not strike it against a hard object or

let it fall.

• Do not use the DVD Video Camera on a tripod in a place where it is subject to severe vibrations or impact.

No sand or dust!

• Fine sand or dust entering the DVD Video Camera or AC adaptor could cause malfunctions or defects.

No water or oil!

• Water or oil entering the DVD Video Camera or AC adaptor could cause electric shock,

 malfunctions or defects.