Recording Movie



Recording Movie


Turn the DVD Video Camera on.

Set the power switch to “

” to turn the DVD Video 

Camera on.
After the ACCESS/PC indicator goes out, perform 
the subsequent operations:


Check the subject on the screen (viewfinder or LCD).

If using the viewfinder, pull it out.


Press the REC button.

The “m” mark in the viewfinder or on the LCD 
screen will change to the “n” mark, and 
recording will start.
During recording, the recording indicator on the front 
of the DVD Video Camera will light.
Pressing REC again during recording will set the 
DVD Video Camera to recording pause mode.


When recording is finished,  turn the DVD Video 
Camera off.



See “Check 1” on page 150 when recording movie is not 

See “Check 4” on page 150 if it takes some time before 
recording is possible.

See “Check 5” on page 151 if the DVD Video Camera 
does not operate.

See page 54 for on-screen information display.

It is recommended that you use DVD-RAM disc from 
which recorded contents can be deleted.

Sound is recorded from the internal stereo microphone 
on the front of DVD Video Camera: Take care that this 
microphone is not blocked.

You can press the REC button immediately after the DVD 
Video Camera enters recording pause mode, but no 

further recording can be made while “DISC ACCESS” is 
being displayed.
Recording will restart after the message disappears.

Do not turn power off while message “DISC ACCESS” is 
being displayed.

Take care that power is not interrupted while the 
ACCESS/PC indicator is blinking.

The minimum recordable time of movie is approximately 
3 seconds.

See page 93 for setting of Record LED (recording 
indicator) On/Off.

For various functions available during recording, see 
“Setting Up Camera Functions” on page 80.

Panasonic cannot be responsible for video and audio that 
cannot be recorded or edited because of any defect.

The power switch can be changed even during recording, 
but the operation will not be changed.

Each time the DVD Video Camera enters the recording 
pause mode, the counter display will be reset to 

When using DVD-R disc, do not perform the following, or 
data on the disc may not be read:
- Using another device, doing additional recording on 

DVD-R disc first recorded on this DVD Video Camera

- Using this DVD Video Camera, doing additional 

recording on DVD-R disc recorded on another device

It is recommended that you set the LOCK switch to



the left) to prevent the power switch in the “

” position 

from accidentally moving to “


Before You Begin

• Insert a recordable DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc into this DVD Video Camera.

Power switch

Pressing REC once will 

start recording; 

pressing it once again 

will temporarily stop 


ACCESS/PC indicator

REC button