Basic Techniques


Basic Techniques

This section explains the basic techniques of recording movies and still images, and also basic settings 
on DVD Video Camera.

Basic Operation of DVD Video Camera

Turning DVD Video Camera On or Off

While holding down the button at the center of power 
switch, set the switch according to each recording 

Power ON status
During playback, set the power switch to “

” or 

” when using disc, or set it to “

” when using 

Turn the switch while holding down the button at the 
center of switch.



Once you turn the DVD Video Camera on to let it 
recognize the disc, you can immediately record or play 
back the same disc when the DVD Video Camera is 
turned on again  (DVD-RAM). However, if you remove the 
disc, replace it, or if the date changes after power is 
turned on, it will take some time for the DVD Video 
Camera to start because it must recognize the disc again 
(See page 150).

Once you have turned the DVD Video Camera on to 
record, you can immediately start recording when turning 
the DVD Video Camera on next time (DVD-R disc).

It will take some time for the DVD Video Camera to display 
the Disc navigation screen after power is turned on.

When you turn the DVD Video Camera on, the ACCESS 
indicator will light or blink to show that the DVD Video 
Camera is recognizing the disc or card: During this time, 
no operation, such as recording, can be performed.
After several seconds, the ACCESS indicator will go out, 
and operating the DVD Video Camera will be possible. 
If the ACCESS indicator does not go out, refer to “Check 
4” on page 150.

When the DVD Video Camera is turned on, the self-
diagnosis function operates and a message may appear. 
In this case, refer to “Error Messages” on page 152 and 
take corrective action.

While the ACCESS/PC or CARD ACCESS indicator is lit 
or blinking, do not cause impact or vibration to the DVD 
Video Camera.

Set to “


To record still on SD Memory 
Card or MultiMediaCard

Set to “OFF”:
The DVD Video Camera will 
turn off.

Set to “


To record movie on DVD-
RAM or DVD-R disc

Set to “


To record still on DVD-RAM 

Power switch