Available Cards, Handling card, Common cautions for disc and card


Available Cards 


Handling card

• Do not use cards other than the

designated ones.

• Do not touch the card terminal or 

allow it to touch metal.

• Do not paste anything other than 

exclusive label on label pasting 

• Do not subject card to impact, 

bend card or drop it.

• Do not disassemble card or modify it.
• Do not expose card to water.
• Do not use or store card in the following places:

− Where the temperature is high, such as in vehicle at 

high temperatures, in direct sunlight or near a heater.

− Where humidity is high, or in dusty place

• Keep the Memory Card out of reach of Children to

prevent swallowing.

• When the write-protect switch on SD Memory Card is

locked, no recording, deletion or editing will be
possible on the card.


Common cautions for disc and card

• It is recommended that you create a backup file for

valuable data on hard disk of PC.

• Do not do the following, or the data on card may be

damaged or lost:

− Do not remove the card or turn DVD Video Camera 

off during reading or writing of data 

− Do not use DVD Video Camera in a place subject to 

static electricity or electrical noise



The reading/writing speed of MultiMediaCard is slower 
than SD Memory Card. When MultiMediaCard is used, 
the performance of certain features may be slightly 
slower than advertised.

We recommend that you use a Panasonic brand SD
Memory Card.

This DVD Video Camera can play back image data
recorded on other digital cameras conforming to the DCF
(Design rule for Camera File system) standard which was
established by the Japan Electronics and Information
Technology  Industries Association (JEITA). The range of
image data playable on this DVD Video Camera is that
with pixels from 80 horizontal × 60 vertical to 4000
horizontal × 3000 vertical.

DCF is an integrated image file format for digital cameras:
Image files can be used on all digital devices conforming
to DCF.

Image data edited on PC and certain types of image data
may not be viewable on this DVD Video Camera.

The image data recorded on another device may not be
playable on this DVD Video Camera.

SD Memory 

Card and 


can be used in 

this DVD Video 



Write-protect switch

Locked status