Cautions When Storing, Suggestions and Restrictions


Cautions When Storing

Do not leave the DVD Video Camera in a place where the temperature is very high for a 

long period of time:

• The temperature inside a closed vehicle or trunk can become very high in a hot season. If you leave the DVD Video

Camera in such a place, it could malfunction or the case could be damaged. Do not expose the DVD Video Camera
to direct sunlight or place it near a heater.

Do not store the DVD Video Camera in a place where the humidity is high or in a dusty 


• Dust entering the DVD Video Camera could cause malfunctions. If humidity is high, the lens could become moldy,

and the DVD Video Camera could become inoperative. It is recommended that you put the DVD Video Camera
in a box together with a desiccant when storing it in a closet, etc.

Do not store the DVD Video Camera in a place subject to strong magnetism or intense 


• This could cause malfunctions.

Detach the battery pack from the DVD Video Camera and store it in a cool place:

• Leaving the battery pack attached or storing it at high temperature could shorten its life.

Suggestions and Restrictions

Make a trial recording:

• Always make a trial recording before doing actual recording to make sure that recording is normal. 

Data that have not been stored normally because of a defect in the DVD Video Camera cannot be restored.
It is recommended that you use a DVD-RAM disc from which recorded contents can be deleted for trial recording.

Do not use the DVD Video Camera for professional applications:

• This DVD Video Camera is designed and produced for home-use recording and playback. 

The recorded contents cannot be compensated for:

• Panasonic cannot compensate for any damages caused when recording is not made normally or recorded contents

cannot be played back because of a defect in the DVD Video Camera, disc or card. Also, Panasonic cannot be
responsible for your recorded video and audio.

• If you or a third party make a mistake when handling this DVD Video Camera, disc, card, etc., the recorded contents

may be lost. We cannot be responsible for compensation for damage due to loss of recorded contents.


• Data recorded on the disc or card in this DVD Video Camera using other digital/analog media or devices are

protected by the copyright act and cannot be used without permission of the owner of copyright, except for personal
enjoyment. Be aware that recording is restricted for some demonstrations, performances and exhibitions, even for
personal enjoyment.