Panasonic VDR-D210, VDR-D230, VDR-D310 Operating Instruction

Before using with a computer Windows

With a computer (VDR-D310/VDR-D230)



With a computer (VDR-D310/VDR-D230)

Before using with a computer (Windows)

∫ When using a DVD-RAM or DVD-RW (VR format) recorded on this unit

≥ Before using DVD-RW (VR format) on a computer, be sure to finalize it on this unit.

* You cannot write to a DVD-RW.

∫ When using a DVD-RW (Video format) or DVD-R recorded on this unit

≥ Before using the disc on a computer, be sure to finalize it on this unit.

∫ When using an SD card recorded on this unit

≥ Always use the AC adaptor when connecting the unit to the computer. You cannot connect to the 

computer when using a battery.

≥ We cannot guarantee proper operation of this unit if you use software other than that supplied.

What you can do with a computer

Can do

Software used

Playing back on a computer

DVD-MovieAlbumSE (supplied)

Copying a disc

VR disc copy tool (supplied)*

Editing motion pictures 

(DVD-RAM only)

DVD-MovieAlbumSE (supplied)

Creating a DVD-Video disc

DVD-MovieAlbumSE (supplied) and 
DVDfunSTUDIO (supplied)

Can do

Software used

Playing back on a computer

Commercially available DVD-Video playback 

Copying a disc

DVDfunSTUDIO (supplied)

Can do

Software used

Playing back on a computer

Standard Windows picture viewer or a 
commercially available picture viewer

Copying files to a computer

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