Panasonic VDR-D210, VDR-D230, VDR-D310 Operating Instruction

With a VCR



With other products

Refer to the operating instructions of the 
playback device.

≥ The recording time is not displayed.

(RAM) (-RW‹VR›) (-RW‹V›) (-R)

If you have a DVD recorder with hard disk, 
images recorded by this unit can be stored on 
the hard disk.
≥ Do not insert a DVD-RW or a DVD-R disc 

recorded in this unit (that has not been 
finalized) into the DVD recorder as the disc 
may become unusable.

≥ If you insert a DVD-RW disc recorded in this 

unit (that has not been finalized) into the 
DVD recorder, a format message may 
appear. Do not format the disc as all the 
important data recorded on the disc will be 
erased and cannot be recovered.

≥ If you want to record (dub) a disc that the DVD 

recorder is not compatible with, connect this 
unit and the DVD recorder with the AV/S cable 
(VDR-D310/VDR-D230)/AV cable (VDR-D210) 
and then record (dub) the disc. 


l 87)


[Only when you record (dub) a DVD-RW or a 

Finalize the disc on the unit. 
(l 81)


Insert the disc in the DVD 
recorder, then copy (dub) the 
contents onto the hard disk.

≥ For details on how to copy (dub) the images 

onto the hard disk, refer to the operating 
instructions of the DVD recorder.

≥ If your DVD recorder has an SD card slot, you 

can write the still picture files recorded on an 
SD card with this unit to a disc or the hard disk.

≥ You cannot record images that allow “One time 

only recording” on a 8 cm (3z) disc.

≥ If you copy (dub) images recorded on a DVD-

RW (Video format) or a DVD-R disc, the title 
name of the images after copying (dubbing) 
becomes the date they were dubbed.

With a VCR

(RAM) (-RW‹VR›) (-RW‹V›) (-R)

You can record (dub) images played back on this 
unit onto other video devices.
You can create a playlist by gathering the scenes 
you want to record (dub), then record (dub) the 
scenes in this playlist only to other devices. 
(l 73)

≥ Use the AC adaptor to free you from worrying 

about the battery running down.

Copying (dubbing) 
recordings onto a DVD 
recorder’s hard disk

If you record (dub) images directly from the 
disc or with the AV/S cable (VDR-D310/
VDR-D230)/AV cable (VDR-D210) and then 
play them back on a wide-screen TV, they 
may be squeezed horizontally. In this case, 
refer to the operating instructions of the device 
you are recording (dubbing) to or read the 
operating instructions of the wide-screen TV 
and set the aspect setting to 16:9 (Full).

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