With a DVD recorder



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With a DVD recorder

If you have a DVD recorder with an SD 
card slot, images recorded by this unit 
can be copied (dubbed) onto the hard 
disk or a DVD disc.
Refer to the operating instructions of 
your DVD recorder for information about 
whether or not it supports copying 
(dubbing) from an SD card.
≥ If your DVD recorder does not support 

copying (dubbing) from an SD card, 
connect this unit and the DVD recorder 
with the AV cable (supplied) and then 
copy (dub). (l 78)

Insert the SD card into the SD 
card slot on the DVD recorder, 
then copy (dub) the contents onto 
the hard disk or a disc.

≥ For details on how to copy (dub) the 

images, refer to the operating 
instructions of the DVD recorder.

≥ The images recorded on the hard disk or 

DVD-RAM are converted to the 


video recording format. Once converted, 
you cannot copy them at high speed onto 
a DVD-R or copy them onto an SD card 
using the MPEG2 format.

Copying (dubbing) 
recordings onto a DVD 

If you record (dub) images directly 
from the SD card or with the AV cable 
and then play them back on a wide-
screen TV, they may be squeezed 
horizontally. In this case, refer to the 
operating instructions of the device 
you are recording (dubbing) to or read 
the operating instructions of the wide-
screen TV and set the aspect setting 
to 16:9 (Full).

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