Request for Service Notice


For assistance,  please call :  1-800-211-PANA(7262) or send e-mail to :

Mail this completed form and your Proof of Purchase along with your unit to:

Panasonic Services Company

1705 N. Randall Road

Elgin, IL. 60123-7847

Attn: Camcorder Repair

Request for Service Notice:

Please photocopy this form when making a request for service notice.

In the unlikely event this product needs
• Please include your proof of purchase.

(Failure to due so will delay your repair.)

• To further speed your repair, please provide

an explanation of what is wrong with the unit
and any symptom it is exhibiting.

If you have a problem with your Palmcorder, it may be something you can correct yourself.
Check the list below for symptoms and corrections.

No picture in the EVF or LCD Monitor...

Video cassette cannot be inserted...

Video cassette cannot be removed...

No operation starts when operation buttons are
Recording cannot be done...

Auto Focus does not operate...

Sound from microphone cannot be monitored...

Sound cannot be heard...


• Make sure the Power Source is connected.

(pp. 11, 12)

• Make sure the POWER switch is set to VCR or

CAMERA. (pp. 15, 27)

• Check the Dew Indicator. (p. 53)
• Make sure the Battery is fully charged. (p. 11)
• Make sure all necessary cables are connected

correctly and firmly. (p. 12)

• Make sure the Lens Cap is removed. (p. 15)
• Make sure the Power Source is connected.

(pp. 11, 12)

• Insert the cassette record tab up, window side

facing out. (p. 9)

• Make sure the Power source is connected.

(pp. 11, 12)

• Check the Dew Indicator. (p. 53)

• Make sure the record tab is closed. (p. 6)
• Check the Battery Indication. (p. 63)
• Make sure FOCUS is set to AUTO. (p. 24)
• Make sure the unit is ON and set to CAMERA

mode. (p. 15)

• Make sure the unit is set to REC or REC/

PAUSE mode. (p. 15)

• Make sure the Audio on the VCR MENU is set to

ST1. (pp. 38, 61)


Before Requesting Service

Request for Service Notice


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