Before Requesting Service


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Before Requesting Service

(a) Video Head Cleaning: Normally, your Palmcorder will not
require head cleaning. However, it is possible that the heads
may become clogged due to dust in the air, playing damaged
tapes, long term use, etc. If “NEED HEAD CLEANING”
appears for 5 seconds in the EVF or LCD monitor, the heads
may require cleaning.

(b) Cleaning the Heads: It is recommended that head cleaning
be performed by a qualified service technician. Please contact
your nearest Panasonic Servicenter. An alternate solution is to
obtain a head cleaning cassette. Please use Panasonic
cleaning cassette (AY-DVMCLA). Be sure to follow the
cleaning instructions carefully. Excessive use of the head
cleaning cassette could shorten video head life.
Use this cassette only when a head clogging symptoms occur.

Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.

Clogged Video Head

• When you go from function to function (PLAY, FF, REW etc.), please note that the unit

will not accept a new function operation until the previous operation is complete.

• The POWER Button and all function buttons, (PLAY, FF, REW, etc.) are only operational

after the tape has been completely loaded.

When the following accessories are attached and the zoom is set to maximum wide
angle, the four corners of the sceen may appear darker:
• Wide or Telephoto conversion lens (optional).
• A filter (optional), etc. and then the lens hood.
• Two filters (optional).

Lens Hood Area Operation Caution

Tape Operations Caution

Cleaning Care for Video Heads


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