Panasonic PV-D4744, PV-D4744S Operating Instruction

DECK Cassette Information


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DECK & Cassette Information

Prevent Accidental Tape Erasure

Record Tab

Cover the hole
with cellophane tape.

To record again

Break off the tab to
prevent recording.

Screw driver

DVD-RAM discs

DVD-RAM discs must meet the following conditions
for this unit to be able to play them.


• Non-cartridge discs
• Discs that can be removed from

their cartridges (TYPE 2 and 4)


• 12 cm (5”) 9.4 GB (double-sided)

and 4.7 GB (single-sided)

• 8 cm (3”) 2.8 GB (double-sided)

Remove TYPE 2 and 4 discs from their cartridges
before use, then return them when you are finished.
Read the instructions for the disc carefully.

Some parts of the disc, for example where one program
ends and another begins, may not play smoothly.

If disc is brought from a cold to a warm
environment, moisture may form on the disc

Wipe away moisture with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth
before using disc. (See above.)

Improper disc storage

Discs could be damaged if stored or left in areas:
• exposed to direct sunlight.
• that are humid or dusty.
• near heat (i.e. heater, radiator, etc.).

Disc Handling

To clean disc surface

With a soft, damp (water only) cloth,
gently wipe from the center hole to the
outer edge as shown below. (Wiping in a
circular pattern will scratch the surface.)

Clean only with the DVD-RAM disc
cleaner available. Never use cloths or
cleaners for CDs etc.

Handling precautions

• Sticking a label on the disc may impair DVD-R playback.
• Do not attach sticker to discs. (Do not use discs with

exposed adhesive from tape or left over peeled-off

• Only hold disc by edges as shown below. Fingerprints,

dirt and scratches can cause skipping and distortion.

• Do not write on label side of disc.
• Never use record cleaning

sprays, benzine, thinner,
static electricity prevention
liquids, or any other solvent.

• Do not try to close disc tray when disc is not

properly placed.

Disc tray


DECK can play back discs bearing any of the
following marks:

Discs which cannot be played

• DVD with Region No. other than “1” or “ALL”
• PAL discs, DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-RW,

SVCD, SACD, CD-TEXT, Divx Video Disc,
Photo-CD and Video CD

[Discs Played 8cm (3") or 12cm (5")]

DVD (DVD-Video)



Disc type

DVD-R (DVD-Video formatted
discs [finalized])

Disc formats supported by this DECK

DVD-RAM (Version 1.1 of the
Video Recording Format a
unified video recording


• Do not use irregularly shaped discs (e.g. heart-

shaped), as these can damage the unit.

• It may not be possible to play CD-R, CD-RW,

DVD-R and DVD-RAM in all cases due to the
type of disc or condition of the recording.

• CD-DA format
• MP3/JPEG file

and finalized.*

*A process that allows play on compatible equipment.

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