Audio Input



This unit can record audio in 5.1 ch or 2 ch.
When recording in 2 ch, it is possible to switch between built-in microphone, external 
microphone, or connected audio equipment for each channel.

Microphone setup

Recording setting of the built-in microphone can be adjusted.
Select the menu.

≥ If you wish to record higher quality sound and maintain realism even when zooming in, for 

instance recording a music recital, we recommend setting [MIC SETUP] to [SURROUND].

≥ When [AUDIO REC] is set to [LPCM], [MIC SETUP] is set to [2ch], and the setting cannot 

be changed. (

l 58)

≥ When the [BASS SETTING] is set to anything other than [0dB], it becomes impossible to 

select [FOCUS MIC]. (

l 121)

≥ Display of the audio level meter will change depending on the settings. (

l 133)


Audio Input


# [MIC SETUP] # desired setting


Sound is recorded with 5.1 ch surround microphone.


Sound is recorded with 5.1 ch surround microphone changing 
the directionality in conjunction with the zoom operation. 
Sounds near the front of the unit are recorded more clearly if 
you zoom in (close-up) and surrounding sounds are recorded 
more realistically if you zoom out (wide angle).


The forward sound is recorded more clearly by enhancing the 
directionality toward the center for the 5.1 ch surround 


Sound from two directions is recorded in 2 ch by forward-facing 
stereo microphones.

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