Formatting cards



≥ When recording, make sure your footing is stable and there is no danger of colliding with 

another person or object.

≥ Hold the eye cup of the viewfinder as close as possible to your right eye.
≥ Adjust the angle of the LCD monitor according to the position in which the unit is held.
≥ When you are outdoors, record pictures with the sunlight behind you. If the subject is 

backlit, it will become dark in the recording.

≥ Keep your arms near your body and separate your legs for better balance.
≥ For stable images, it is recommended to use a tripod whenever possible.
≥ Do not cover the cooling fan inlet with your hand etc.

Formatting cards

If you use the SD cards for the first time for recording with this unit, format the cards.
Please be aware that if a medium is formatted, then all the data recorded on the medium will 
be erased and cannot be restored. Back up important data on a PC, disc etc. (

l 93)

≥ When using two SD cards, format both SD cards.


Select the menu.


Touch [SD CARD 1] or [SD CARD 2].

≥ When formatting is complete, touch [EXIT] to exit the message screen.

≥ Do not turn this unit off or remove the SD card, while formatting. Do not expose the unit to 

vibrations or shock.



Use this unit to format media.
Do not format an SD card using any other equipment such as a PC. The card may 
not be used on this unit.

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