Preparation of SD cards



The unit can record motion pictures or still pictures to an SD card.

Cards that you can use with this unit

Use SD cards conforming to Class 4 or higher of the SD Speed Class Rating* for 
motion picture recording.

* SD Speed Class Rating is the speed 

standard regarding continuous writing. 
Check via the label on the card, etc.

≥ Please confirm the latest information about SD Memory Cards/SDHC Memory Cards/

SDXC Memory Cards that can be used for motion picture recording on the following 
(This website is in English only.)
≥ Operation of the SD Memory Cards 256 MB or less is not guaranteed. Also, the SD 

Memory Card 32 MB or less cannot be used for the motion picture recording.

≥ 4 GB or more Memory Cards that do not have the SDHC logo or 48 GB or more Memory 

Cards that do not have the SDXC logo are not based on SD Memory Card Specifications.

≥ When the write-protect switch A on SD card is locked, no recording, 

deletion or editing will be possible on the card.

≥ Keep the Memory Card out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.


Preparation of SD cards

This unit (an SDXC compatible device) is compatible with SD Memory Cards, SDHC 
Memory Cards and SDXC Memory Cards. When using an SDHC Memory Card/SDXC 
Memory Card with other equipment, check the equipment is compatible with these 
Memory Cards.

Card type


SD Memory Card

512 MB/1 GB/2 GB

SDHC Memory Card

4 GB/6 GB/8 GB/12 GB/16 GB/24 GB/32 GB

SDXC Memory Card

48 GB/64 GB


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