Starting HD Writer HE 1 0



≥ To use the software, log on as an Administrator or as user name for standard user account 

(only for Windows 7/Windows Vista).
The software cannot be used with the user name for a guest account.

(On the PC)

Select [Start] 

# [All Programs] # [Panasonic] # [HD Writer HE 1.0] # 

[HD Writer HE].

≥ For details on how to use the software applications, read the PDF operating instructions of 

the software.

Reading the operating instructions of the software 

≥ You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later or Adobe Reader 7.0 or later to read the 

PDF operating instructions.

Select [Start] 

# [All Programs] # [Panasonic] # [HD Writer HE 1.0] # 

[Operating Instructions].

With a PC

Starting HD Writer HE 1.0

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