Panasonic DMC-ZS8, DMC-ZS9 Operating Instruction

Taking pictures with automatic settings, Taking motion pictures



 (ENG) VQT3H25


Taking pictures with automatic settings

[Intelligent Auto] Mode


Recording Mode: 

Taking motion pictures 

[Motion Picture] Mode

Recording Mode: 


Automatic Scene Detection

Camera identifies scene when pointed at subject, and makes optimum 

settings automatically. The type of scene detected is indicated by a blue 

icon for two seconds.

People are detected
Baby is detected
Scenery is detected
People and night scenery are detected

(Only when 

 is selected)

Night scenery is detected
A close-up shot is detected
A sunset is detected
Reads subject movement to avoid blurring when the scene does not 

correspond to any of the above.

If the camera automatically identifies the scene and determines that people 

appear as subjects in the picture (

,  , 

), Face Detection is activated, 

and the focus and exposure are adjusted for the recognized faces.

AF Tracking

Even if a subject, where the focus was locked (AF Lock) moves, the 

camera can continue to keep it in focus.


 AF Tracking icon
 AF Tracking frame

 •Press ▲ again to cancel.

Align the AF Tracking frame with the subject, and 

then press ▼ to lock

 •The optimum scene is detected for the subject where the focus 

was locked (AF Lock).

 •AF Lock successful: Yellow

 •AF Lock failed: Red (flash)

 •Press ▼ to cancel.

This records motion pictures with audio. (Recording with muted sound is 

not possible. Sound recording is monaural (DMC-ZS8) or stereo (DMC-

ZS9).) Zoom can also be used during recording.

Slide the [REC/PLAY] switch to 

Set the mode dial to 

Start recording

Elapsed recording time

Remaining recording 

time (approx.)

Press halfway 

(Adjust the focus)

Press fully  

(start recording)

End recording

Press fully


Immediately release the shutter button after pressing it all the way.


When there is no space left to store the motion picture, recording 

automatically ends.


A maximum of approx. 2 GB of continuous motion picture can be 

recorded. (Even if there is more than 2 GB of available space on the 

card, the available recording time will be calculated for a maximum of 

2 GB.)