Panasonic DMC-ZS8, DMC-ZS9 Operating Instruction

Selecting the Recording Mode, Taking pictures with automatic settings



 (ENG) VQT3H25


Selecting the Recording Mode

Taking pictures with automatic settings

[Intelligent Auto] Mode

Recording Mode: 

Turn on the power ( )

Slide the [REC/PLAY] switch  

( ) to 

Switching the mode by rotating 

the mode dial ( )

[Intelligent Auto] Mode

Take pictures with automatic settings.

[Program AE] Mode

The subjects are recorded using your own settings.

[Aperture-Priority] Mode

The shutter speed is automatically determined by the aperture value you 


[Shutter-Priority] Mode

The aperture value is automatically determined by the shutter speed you 


[Manual Exposure] Mode

The exposure is adjusted by the aperture value and the shutter speed which 

are manually adjusted.

[Custom] Mode

Use this mode to take pictures with previously registered setting.

[Scene Mode]

Take pictures according to scene.

[My Scene Mode]

Take pictures in frequently-used Scene Modes.

[Motion Picture] Mode

Take motion pictures.

Optimum settings are made automatically from information such as 

“face,” “movement,” “brightness,” and “distance” just by pointing the 

camera at the subject, meaning that clear pictures can be taken without 

the need to make settings manually.

Turn on the power ( )

Shutter button

Slide the [REC/PLAY] switch  

( ) to 
Set the mode dial ( ) to 

Take pictures

Press halfway 

(press lightly and focus)

Press fully 

(press the button all the way to record)

 •If jitter becomes noticeable, use both hands, keep your arms close 

to your body, and stand with your feet at shoulder width.

 •Focus display ( )

(In focus: lit / Not in focus: flashing)

 •The AF area ( ) is displayed around 

the subject’s face by the Face Detection 

function. In other cases, it is displayed at 

the point on the subject which is in focus.

 •Focus:  Max. W: 3 cm (0.10 feet)/

Max. T: 1 m (3.28 feet) and above 

(7 × to 11 × is 2 m (6.57 feet) to ∞)