Panasonic DMC-ZS8, DMC-ZS9 Operating Instruction

Setting the clock, Setting the menu



 (ENG) VQT3H25


Setting the clock

Setting the menu

The clock is not set when the camera is shipped.

Turn on the power ( )

Press [MENU/SET] ( ) while 

the message is displayed
Press ◄► to select the items 

(year, month, day, hour, minute, 

display order or time display 

format), and press ▲▼ to set

 •To cancel → Press [  /  ].

Press [MENU/SET]

Confirm the setting and press [MENU/SET]

 •To return to the previous screen, press [  /  ].

 •Turn on the power again and check the time display.


To change time setting

Select [Clock Set] from the [Rec] or [Setup] menu, perform   and  . 

Refer to the following procedures to operate the menus.

Example:  Setting [LCD Mode] from [OFF] to   in the [Program AE] 


Press [MENU/SET] to display the menu 

Switching to the [Setup] menu

Select [Setup], and press [MENU/SET].

Press ▲▼ to select [LCD Mode] 

and then press [MENU/SET]

 •Depending on the item, its setting may not 

appear or it may be displayed in a different 


Press ▲▼ to select   and then 

press [MENU/SET] to set
Press [  /  ] several times to 

close the menu