Panasonic DMC-ZS8, DMC-ZS9 Operating Instruction

Inserting and removing the card, optional the battery



 (ENG) VQT3H25


Inserting and removing the card 

(optional)/the battery


To remove

 •To remove battery:

move lever in direction of arrow.

 •To remove card:

press down in center.




Always use genuine Panasonic batteries (DMW-BCG10PP).


If you use other batteries, we cannot guarantee the quality of this 



Insert the card fully, otherwise it may be damaged.

Set the camera ON/OFF switch 

to OFF and slide the release 

lever ( ) to [OPEN] before 

opening the lid


Insert the battery and card, 

making sure that their 

orientation is correct

 •Battery:  Insert all the way firmly until 

a locking sound is heard, and 

check that the lever is hooked 

over the battery.

 •Card:  Insert all the way firmly until it 


Close lid

Slide to the [LOCK] position.

Picture save destination (cards and built-in memory)


Built-in memory (approx. 70 MB)


The built-in memory can be used as a temporary storage device when 

the card being used becomes full.


The access time for the built-in memory may be longer than the access 

time for a card.


Compatible memory cards (optional)

The following SD standard-based cards 

(Panasonic brand recommended)

Type of Card




Memory Cards

8 MB – 2 GB

 •Using a card of SD Speed “Class 6”


 or above 

is recommended for recording motion pictures.

 •Can be used with devices compatible with the 

respective formats.

 •Before using SDXC Memory Cards, check that 

your computer and other devices support this 

type of card.

 •Only the cards listed on the left with the given 

capacities are supported. 


Memory Cards

4 GB – 32 GB


Memory Cards

48 GB, 64 GB

* SD speed class refers to a specification for sustained write speeds. 

Confirm the SD speed by checking the card label or other card related 




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Keep the Memory Card out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.