Cautions for Use




Cautions for Use

∫ Optimal Use of the Camera

When carrying the camera, take care not 
to drop or cause impact to it.
• The lens or the outer case may be 

destroyed by the strong shock, and it 
causes a malfunction of the camera.

Keep the camera away from magnetized 
equipment (such as a microwave oven, 
TV, video game equipment, etc.).
• If you use the camera on or near a TV, 

pictures may be disrupted due to 
electromagnetic wave radiation.

• Do not use the camera near a cell phone 

because doing so may cause noise to 
adversely affect the pictures.

• Recorded data may be damaged, or 

pictures may be distorted by strong 
magnetic fields created by speakers or 
large motors.

• Electromagnetic wave radiation generated 

by a microprocessor may adversely affect 
the camera, causing the disturbance of 

• If the camera is affected by magnetically 

charged equipment and does not function 
properly, turn the camera off and remove 
the batteries or disconnect AC adaptor 
(DMW-AC1; optional) and then insert the 
batteries or connect AC adaptor again. 
Thereafter, turn the camera on.

Do not use the camera near radio 
transmitters or high-voltage lines.
• If you record near radio transmitters or 

high-voltage lines, recorded pictures may 
be adversely affected.

Make sure to use the supplied cords and 
cables. If you use optional accessories, 
use the cords and the cables supplied 
with them.
Do not extend the cords and the cables.

Do not spray insecticides or volatile 
chemicals onto the camera.
• If the camera is sprayed with such 

chemicals, the camera body may be 
damaged and the surface finish may peel 

• Do not keep rubber or plastic products in 

contact with the camera for a long period 
of time.

Do not use benzine, thinner or alcohol 
for cleaning the camera.
• When cleaning the camera, remove the 

batteries or disconnect the AC adaptor 
(DMW-AC1; optional) from the electrical 

• The camera body may be deformed and 

the surface finish may peel off.

• Wipe the camera with a soft, dry cloth. To 

remove stubborn stains, wipe with a cloth 
that is soaked in a detergent diluted with 
water and afterward finish wiping with a 
dry cloth.

• If you use a chemical cloth, follow the 

instructions that come with the cloth.

• In case rain or other sources of water 

splash onto the camera, wet a soft cloth 
with tap water, wring it well, and use it to 
wipe the camera body carefully. Then 
wipe it again with a dry cloth.  93 ページ  2005年2月3日 木曜日 午後7時0分