Panasonic DMC-G3, DMC-G3K, DMC-G3W Operating Instruction

Taking Pictures by Specifying the Aperture Shutter Speed


 (ENG) VQT3N40

Recording Mode: 


Taking Pictures by Specifying the Aperture/
Shutter Speed

Set the aperture value to a higher number when you want a sharp focus background. Set 
the aperture value to a lower number when you want a soft focus background.

Set the mode dial to [


Rotate the rear dial to set the aperture value.

• It will switch between aperture setting operation and Exposure 

Compensation operation every time the rear dial is pressed.

When you want to take a sharp picture of a fast moving subject, set with a faster shutter 
speed. When you want to create a trail effect, set to a slower shutter speed.

Set the mode dial to [


Rotate the rear dial to set the shutter speed.

• It will switch between shutter speed setting operation and 

Exposure Compensation operation every time the rear dial is 

Aperture-priority AE

Shutter-priority AE

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