Panasonic DMC-G3, DMC-G3K, DMC-G3W Operating Instruction

About the Lens


 (ENG) VQT3N40

About the Lens

∫ Micro Four Thirds™ mount specification lens
This unit can use the dedicated lenses compatible with 
the Micro Four Thirds System lens mount specification 
(Micro Four Thirds mount).

∫ Four Thirds™ mount specification lens
Lens with the Four Thirds mount specification can be 
used by using the mount adaptor (DMW-MA1; optional).

∫ Leica mount specification lens
• When you use the M mount adaptor or R mount adaptor (DMW-MA2M, DMW-MA3R;  

optional), you can use Leica M Mount or Leica R Mount interchangeable lenses.

– For certain lenses, the actual distance at which the subject is in focus may differ slightly from 

the rated distance.

– When using a Leica lens mount adaptor, set [SHOOT W/O LENS] to [ON].

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