If you see this symbol

Before Use



-If you see this symbol-

∫ Care of the camera
• Do not strongly shake or bump the 

camera. The camera may stop operating 
normally, pictures may not be recorded or 
the lens may be damaged.

• Sand or dust may cause the camera to 

malfunction. Make sure that sand or 
dust does not get into the lens or the 
terminals when using the camera on a 
beach etc.

• Make sure that water does not get into the 

camera when using it on a rainy day or on 
a beach.

• If water or seawater splashes on the 

camera, wet a soft cloth with tap water, 
wring it well and use it to wipe the 
camera body carefully. Then, wipe the 
camera again with a dry cloth.

∫ About the LCD monitor
• Do not press the LCD monitor with 

excessive force. Uneven colors may 
appear on the LCD monitor and it may 

• Condensation may form on the LCD 

monitor in places with large temperature 

differences. Wipe the condensation with a 
soft, dry cloth.

• If the camera is cold when you turn it on, 

the picture on the LCD monitor will be 
slightly darker than usual at first. However, 
the picture will return to normal brightness 
when the internal temperature of the 
camera increases.

∫ About the Lens
• Do not press the lens with excessive 


• Do not leave the camera with the lens 

facing the sun as it may cause the camera 
to malfunction. Also, be careful when you 
leave the camera outside or near a 

Information on Disposal in other 
Countries outside the European 
This symbol is only valid in the European 
If you wish to discard this product, please 
contact your local authorities or dealer 
and ask for the correct method of 

Extremely high precision technology is 
employed to produce the LCD monitor 
screen. However there may be some 
dark or bright spots (red, blue or green) 
on the screen. This is not a malfunction. 
The LCD monitor screen has more than 
99.99% effective pixels with a mere 
0.01% of the pixels inactive or always lit. 
The spots will not be recorded on 
pictures on a card.

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