Taking pictures by changing the picture, effect

Application (Record)

Taking pictures by changing the picture 


[Creative Control] Mode

- 64 -


You can select your own settings from various effects and take pictures while confirming 

these effects on the LCD monitor.

 •About recording modes 


Press     to select the effect and 

press [MENU/SET]

Preview screen

 •When you press [DISP.] button, a 

description of the selected effect is 


 •When you select [ ] by rotating the mode 

dial, the menu appears automatically.

 •You can display the [Creative Control] menu 

by pressing [MENU/SET]. For the setting 

procedures of the menu. 



The display of a picture reflecting a selected effect in the preview screen or recording 

screen may differ from the actual recorded pictures.


A setting that was selected in [Creative Control] Mode is retained even after the 

camera is turned off.


The following recording menu and settings are automatically adjusted, and cannot be 

set manually. 

[Sensitivity] [White Balance] [i.Dynamic] [Min. Shtr Speed] [Photo Style]