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Taking pictures with automatic settings  [Intelligent Auto] Mode 

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[Intelligent Auto Plus] Mode

When [Intelligent Auto Plus] mode is selected, you can easily adjust the brightness and 

coloring, in addition to the background defocusing, without compromising the user-friendly 

operation of the [Intelligent Auto] Mode.


Switching to [Intelligent Auto Plus] Mode

Use the [Intelligent Auto] menu to switch the mode.

 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 


: [Intelligent Auto] Mode

: [Intelligent Auto Plus] Mode


Adjusting brightness, coloring, and background defocusing

Press the rear dial

Press     to select an item to adjust

Adjusts brightness.

Adjusts background defocusing.

Adjusts coloring.

 •[AUTO] is displayed in the icon during automatic adjustment.

Press     to make adjustments


Underexposure (dark)

Overexposure (bright)

Defocus background 


Defocus the 


Focus the background


Warm colors

Cool colors

 •You can also rotate the rear dial to make adjustments.

 •To return to automatic adjustment → Press [

] button.

Press [MENU/SET]