About recording modes

Application (Record)

About recording modes

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You can rotate the mode dial to switch recording modes.

Set to the desired recording mode

Align the mode dial correctly to the 

mode that you want to use. →

[Intelligent Auto] Mode

Take pictures with automatic settings. 


[Program AE] Mode

Take pictures with automatic shutter speed 

and aperture value settings. 


[Aperture-Priority] Mode

The shutter speed is automatically 

determined for the aperture value you set. 


[Shutter-Priority] Mode

The aperture value is automatically 

determined by the shutter speed you set. 


[Manual Exposure] Mode

The user sets the shutter speed and 

aperture value manually. 


[Creative Video Mode]

Record motion pictures with manual 



[Custom] Mode

Use this mode to access previously saved 

user configurations. 


[Scene Mode]

Take pictures using Scene modes. 


[Creative Control] Mode

Take pictures using different picture 

effects such as [Dynamic Monochrome] or 

[Miniature Effect].