Entering Text


Entering Text

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Use the cursor button to enter names with the Face Recognition function and in Scene 

Modes [Baby] and [Pet], or to register locations in [Travel Date] etc.

Use cursor button to select characters

Press [MENU/SET] until the desired character is displayed

Cursor position

Text is inserted at the cursor position.

 •To change the character type  

→ Select 

, and press [MENU/SET].


Editing text

  Use cursor button to select     and press [MENU/SET]. Then, move the 

cursor to the text to edit

 •You can also use the zoom lever to reposition the cursor. 

  Use cursor button to select [Delete] and press [MENU/SET]

  Use cursor button to select the correct text and press [MENU/SET]

When you are finished entering text, use cursor button to 

select [Set] and then press [MENU/SET]


A maximum of 30 characters can be entered (max. of 9 characters for [Face Recog.]