Using the [Setup] menu

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 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 


[VIERA Link]

Enable automatic linking with other VIERA Link-compatible devices, and operability with a 

VIERA remote control when connecting via an HDMI mini cable (optional) 





[ON]:    Operations may be performed via the remote control of the VIERA Link-

compatible device. (Not all operations will be available.)  

Operability of the camera’s own buttons will be limited.

[OFF]:   Operations must be performed via the camera’s own buttons.

[3D Playback]

Set how 3D still picture is output.


Settings: [3D] / [2D]


If you want to play back a picture in 2D (conventional picture) on a 3D television, set 

to [2D]. 


This item of the menu functions when an HDMI mini cable (optional) is connected.


For the procedure for playing back a 3D still picture 


[Rotate Disp.]

Automatically rotate portrait still pictures.



:  Rotate and display pictures displayed on a TV screen as well as those 

displayed on the LCD monitor of the camera in portrait orientation.

:       Rotate and display only pictures displayed on a TV screen in portrait orientation.



[Rotate Disp.] cannot be used with motion pictures.


Still pictures taken with the lens surface facing up or down, or still pictures taken on 

other cameras may not rotate.


Pictures cannot be rotated during Multi Playback.


Will only be displayed rotated on computer if in Exif-compatible 



(OS, software).