Using the [Setup] menu

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 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 



Return the [Rec] menu and [Setup] menu settings to the default settings.


Settings: [Reset Rec. settings?] / [Reset setup parameters?]


Information registered in [Face Recog.] is reset if recording settings are reset.


Resetting the setup parameters will also reset the following: 

Age in years/months and names in [Baby] and [Pet] Scene Modes


Folder numbers and clock settings will not be reset.


Camera movement may be audible as the lens function is reset. This is not a fault.

[USB Mode]

Select communication method for when connecting camera to a computer or printer with 

USB connection cable.




[Select on connection]:  Select communication method each time you connect to 

a computer or PictBridge-compatible printer.


[PictBridge(PTP)]:  Select when connecting to a PictBridge-compatible printer.


[PC]: Select when connecting to a computer.


Change the settings to be used when the camera is connected to a TV or other device.



[TV Aspect]  (This setting performs when an AV cable (optional) is connected.)