Using the [Setup] menu

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 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 



Turn off the power or make the LCD monitor go dark while not using the camera to 

minimize battery consumption.

[Sleep Mode]


Settings: [10MIN.] / [5MIN.] / [2MIN.] / [1 MIN.] / [OFF]

Automatically shut off power when no operation is performed for a preset period of time.

 •To restore →  Press the shutter button halfway, or turn on the power again.


Cannot be used in the following cases: 

When the camera is using AC adaptor (optional) and DC coupler (optional), when the 

camera is connected to a computer or printer, when recording or playing back motion 

pictures or playing back pictures using Slide Show, or during interval recording or 

when in Automatic Demo Mode


Settings fixed to [5MIN.] in [Intelligent Auto] Mode.

[Auto LCD Off]


Settings: [30 MIN.] / [5MIN.] / [2MIN.] / [1 MIN.]

Automatically turns off the LCD monitor when no operation is performed for a preset 

period of time.


The status indicator lights up when the LCD monitor is turned off. To turn on the LCD 

monitor again, press any button. 

[Live View Mode]


Settings: [NORMAL] / [ECO] (Reduces power consumption)


Although the recording screen picture quality may deteriorate when [ECO] is set 

compared with when [NORMAL] is set, the recorded pictures will not be affected.


When [Live View Mode] is set to [NORMAL], the operating time will be reduced.