Using the [Setup] menu

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 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 


[Video Rec Area]

Enables verification of the recordable area for a motion picture before recording.


Settings: [ON] / [OFF]


Recordable area displayed for motion pictures should be interpreted as a guideline.


When using Extended optical zoom, the recordable area may not always be displayed 

for certain zoom ratios.

[Remaining Disp.]

Switch the display between the remaining number of still pictures you can take or the 

remaining recording time of a motion picture that you can record for the available card or 

built-in memory.



 (Displays the number of pictures that can be recorded)

 (Displays the remaining recording time)


You can set overexposed areas (areas that are too bright and where there are no shades 

of gray) to flash on the screen when the [Auto Review] function is activated or during 



Settings: [ON] / [OFF]


To reduce overexposed areas, record a picture by setting negative exposure 

compensation using the histogram display and so on as a reference. (The right edge 

of the histogram shows the overexposed portion.)


This feature is disabled during Multi Playback, Calendar Playback, Playback Zoom or 

motion picture playback.


If the subject is too close to the camera when recording using flash, overexposure 

may occur.