Using the [Setup] menu

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 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 


[LVF Disp.Style] / [LCD Disp.Style]

[LVF Disp.Style]: Set the Live View Finder (optional) display.

[LCD Disp.Style]: Set the display of the LCD monitor.



: Live View Finder style display layout

: LCD monitor style display layout


Display screen example (when using the LCD monitor)

 (Live View Finder style display layout)

 (LCD monitor style display layout)

[Guide Line]

Display the guide lines used as a reference for picture composition. 





 / [OFF]


Setting the position of the guidelines

Select [   ] to set the position of the guidelines.

 Select [   ] under [Guide Line] in the [Setup] menu

  Use cursor button to move the position of the guidelines (point of intersection) and 

press [MENU/SET]

 •When you press [DISP.] button, the point of intersection will return to the center.